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Leased Lines

The ICUK Leased Line Reseller platform has a large number of industry leading facilities, not to mention competitive pricing for all our resellers. As a leased line reseller you're not subject to tiered pricing, instead you get the same ultra competitive prices, regardless of your spend with us. You'll benefit from instant pricing, online ordering, advanced order tracking as well as visibility of your connection and diagnostics once live.

Telecoms Reseller

Telecoms Reseller
+ Broadband Facilities

Our Telecoms Reseller platform provides you with everything you need to confidently sell lines and broadband facilities. You have access to powerful management control over Openreach WLR3 PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines, as well as access to industry leading ADSL, FTTC, G.Fast and FTTP broadband solutions. To top it off, you also have access to the next generation of leased line facilities for clients who demand the very highest standards of connectivity.

Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting

Linux Hosting Reseller
& Windows Hosting Reseller

We offer Linux only and Windows only entry reseller platforms. These are ideal if you just need access to one type of reseller hosting platform. They grant you access to unlimited hosting for a fixed monthly flat fee. You will gain access to powerful clusters of server which operate not on the website, but everything else you'll need including POP3/IMAP email, SMTP, and FTP access.

All-In-One Combined Reseller Platform

All-In-One Combined
Reseller Platform

Our Enterprise all-in-one platform grants you access to all our wholesale reseller platform services. For a fixed monthly fee you can sell leased lines, broadband, Linux & Windows hosting, alongside telecoms. It really is all our reseller solutions wrapped up into one Control Panel platform which allows you to compete confidently in these market places. You can either start here, or with one of our other reseller platforms and work up to this level.

Wholesale Reseller Features

Reseller Features

We design, develop and support everything in-house. Over the past 17+ years we have put together a large portfolio of industry leading features and controls into the hands of our reseller base. Please take the time to have a look through some of these features and compare them to what others may, or may not, share with you. Hopefully you'll start to see what makes the ICUK platform special.