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Providing a Alternative Communication Paths

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Making Sense of Important Dates

We recognise that a constant flow of emails can sometimes result in important information being overlooked. Overlooked information can have significant consequences if it results in a missed appointment charges or unexpected unannounced downtime. At ICUK we have worked hard to introduce new communication channels to share this to you and your team which doesn't rely solely on emails being read and actioned. As a reseller there can be a multitude of dates which are important to make a note of either as a result of installations, engineer visits for faults, expiry dates or planned engineering. These are supplied via a live calendar feed which is visible via the reseller control panel, or available as a feed directly into your own calendar (eg Outlook / Google Calendar). The aim being to reduce the likelihood of key information being overlooked or missed.

  • Planned Engineering Works (PEW)
  • Broadband Activation Dates
  • Fault Appointments
  • New Installation Appointments (WLR)
  • Cease Dates
  • Domain Name Expiry Dates
  • Auto-Renew Domain Expiry Dates
  • SSL Certificate Expiry Dates