Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)

Manage PSTN & ISDN Phone Lines

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Wholesale Line Rental

PSTN & ISDN Line Management

Our WLR3 management facilities are unique and advanced. Unlike a large portion of our industry, we are not reliant on a 3rd party integrator to communicate with Openreach. Our systems talk directly, ensuring not only are responses as fast as they can be, we have a greater level of freedom with the facilities we offer, and presentation of data. In addition to our WLR3 integration, we have built our own billing platform, which allows our resellers the ability to access and shared full itemised billing with end users, without the expense of expensive third party CDR processing services.

Everything you need to place, track, manage and bill customers for traditional WLR3 and associated calls is provided as standard to resellers with Telecom facilities enabled.

Line Rental Management

Orders can be placed, tracked and managed online in complete automation through our in-house developed interfaces. Once placed, tracking includes visibility of appointments and on the date of an engineer visit, details of their name and number. Full visibility of live job notes, including the engineers comments are also visible. Once installed, it is incredibly easy to manage the line should you wish to change features, care levels or even the location of the sockets.

Diagnostics & Fault Tracking

Should a fault be suspected we provide tools which allow you to complete real-time line tests within minutes. Regardless of the outcome, you have the choice to escalate the fault into Openreach including the option to book and select an appointment slot. Faults can be tracked and managed through our portal without the need to contact or interact with ICUK support staff. Assigned engineers can be viewed and tracked, so you know when they start their job, and contact details should you need to reach them. Associated engineering notes can also be viewed to understand the work carried out.

Call Management

We provide all the facilities you need to confidently supply line rental facilities and associated calls. Our tariff management allows you to set your retail prices, and as calls are made we show the calls with wholesale and retail variants of the associated charges. What it means is that at month end you know what you need to invoice your customer for at the rates you have agreed. Your client can access these itemised calls and associated call management facilities, via a control panel you can rebrand as your own. This allows you to operate in a paperless manner, and without the need to invest in expensive third party call record processing platforms.

Telecom Tools

We provide a comprehensive set of tools designed to aid line and call management from both a pre-sales perspective as well as in-life. Highlights include our calculator tools which allow you to complete instant price comparisons and quotes against existing bills. We share live access to some of the most powerful tools Openreach share including he ability to query existing lines and addresses.